Revelation Arts founder Chris Lesley is more than an artist. He also has studied anthropology for decades and has a keen interest in ancient artifacts of all sorts, particularly fossils of long-ago living things, the tools they used and the art they created. That expertise is of great value to museums, particularly those who have limited access to genuine artifacts. Chris has replicated artifacts for multiple museums from small mom-and-pop operations to major institutions including Ripley’s Believe It or Not and The International Spy Museum. He is able to create molds from existing and available artifacts as well as original pieces from photographs, sketches and 3D scans.

PICTURED RIGHT: An exact replica of the Granby Stone, discovered during a Minnesota farmer's construction of a reservoir during the summer of 1920. It features multiple ancient symbols and Chinese writing of a dialect  known to be over 1,000 years old. The artifact mysteriously disappeared after it was sold by finder Bud Chalmers to a Henry F. Knight, who claimed he would donate it to a museum. The stone hasn't been seen in the century since and only three known photographs exist. Chris Lesley used those photos to recreate the stone for multiple museums.

PICTURED BELOW: A series of sculptural reliefs inspired by five ancient depictions found in manuscripts and tapestries and on temple walls - all depicting dinosaurs and mammoths coexisting, contrary to known academia.