Add some dramatic flair to your next event with a live painting. Chris will create a custom image that effectively communicates your message to a live audience. Great for sermons, motivational conferences and fundraising galas.

The following live painting was performed at Jacksonville, FL’s Harvest Ministries to illustrate the kickoff of the church’s efforts to eliminate debt, freeing up funds to be used for missions and outreach. As the debt was reduced and ultimately paid off, the painting was updated live in later services. Titled “The Vessel,” the painting depicts an oil vessel that initially is cracked at the top. As time passes and the debt dwindles away, the crack continues the full length of the vessel, allowing the oil to flow freely. This symbolizes the release of debt, which allows funds to be more freely used to bless the church’s missions and its community.

Chris Lesley – The Vessel from destiNation media & production on Vimeo.